About Galeed

Galeed Christian Internet was established way back in 1998 with a view to bringing our skills developed in running high end huge sites for education and business to a Christian community that was in need of an honest approach from like-minded (like-spirited) folk.

We got the name from a Christian rock band in the late 70’s (played Deeply Vale no less!) in which one of our folks was the drummer – he had long hair then, alas… no more. But, the actual name is biblical; check out

Genesis 31:47

New Living Translation (NLT)

47 To commemorate the event, Laban called the place Jegar-sahadutha (which means “witness pile” in Aramaic), and Jacob called it Galeed (which means “witness pile” in Hebrew).

…now… we think Galeed, though slightly less catchy than Jegar-shahdutha is a whole lot easier to say and remember. Oddly, so did the band, plus – it fits on a T-shirt better.

Effectively though – we like the part about ‘heap of witness‘. Using our skills to promote Christ.